Cathrine and gaming

Hi everyone. Here are some pictures from some videos Cathrine and I have done on Ircha Gaming! It’s a shame she lives in another continent and is rarely taking the trip back home, but every time she does, we make sure we play a whole bunch of PlayStation 4 together! And this time, filmed a whole bunch of videos together.

why I have chosen to stay sober for 1,5 years and counting

Hi everyone! I’m going to tell you why I quit alcohol! I quit it altogether, which means I never drink it. Not even a sip. I slowly and gradually started to quit naturally in 2016 I want to say, and fully in 2017. Last time I drank was in mid 2017 actually (and we’re now in 2019 omg!)
I used to be a drinker (hahaha) from the age of like 16 and up, for many years I always drank beer with friends in the weekends. Halleluja and amen to that!
However, gradually I felt more and more exhausted, and more and more hungover from each time I had been drinking. Something started to feel off and wrong.
In 2015 it was a standard procedure to lie in bed for 2 days after a night of drinking. It didn’t even matter how MUCH I had, I could have had as little as 4 paints of beer throughout a long evening/night. I just got too sick.
My hangovers felt like this: Lead in my veins. Porrige in my brain. Heavy breathing, muscles aching. Painful to even move my body just a little bit, but above all: Naushea and exhaustion to the maximum of the extreme. For forever.
I just slowly started to feel it just isn’t worth it anymore. I could write a book on drinking and being hungover. I really could! But it would maybe suck! My entire 2018 was sober. How wonderful to say that! I never would have thought I could say something like this, ever!
So there you go, there was no big and scary story to it, simply that I get 100 times more hungover than a normal person, and it’s true. My doctor has heard the end of it for years and all I got was “nothing is wrong with you, it’s just how you are” wow thanks doc.
HOWEVER I still party sometimes. I just drink alcohol-free beers, and alcohol-free champagne and other drinks. Sometimes just soda or red bull. And I don’t even mind anymore, I feel SO MUCH CLEANER.
And the weirdest thing has also happened brain-wise the past months. I’ve started to remember a whole bunch of old random memories from different parts of my long life. Like locations, smells, people, items, conversations, and old feelings. It’s the weirdest. Not sure if these sudden random bursts of wonderful nostalgia is related to me being sober for so long, but either way I love it. It’s like I get a new sweet old memory every single day, and it can happen at any time.

Irene rundtomkring

It’s nighttime and I don’t want to sleep! So I’ve done housework, you know, laundry and the kitchen. Had a walk outside, and had a shower. Played Horizon Zero Dawn and Tales of Berseria. My livingroom has a new light and soft rug, and it’s beautiful. Wait what?

Tomorrow drops episode 3 of “Irene rundtomkring”! It’s really short! You can watch it on (Friday)

Already planning a whole bunch on locations and questions for future episodes! I stopped by the office today and my boss said the views numbers are great! This is so fun to hear! Have you seen some of the episodes? Let me know if you have some feedback for me!

And here are some older pictures I found on my computer.

My real hair! It’s incredibly long now. I haven’t used hair extensions in many years And selfie pictures with flash… That’s very 2004. And a mans shirt bought at the local second-hand store, it even had the original store tag on it still, and it cost nothing (40 kr). I sometimes find nice stuff there. Very often I find tablecloths there. Ok.

Some teaserpics for an upcoming Ircha Gaming  video:

A game review with Cathrine! Can you guess the game? Hint: t-shirt. Woops.

How my christmas was

Woops I have forgotten to post on here in a while! I got a new job recently! I’m basically a reporter (sort of) for my local newspaper now where I just ask people on the street questions! Episode 2 is dropping tomorrow, exciting stuff! I love this job, it’s a lot of fun!

Christmas has been Ok. 

I was in the paper

Hi everyone. What has happened lately? I was interviewed by the local paper and ended up as a front cover. I tell the story in my latest youtube video! Basically I had no idéa I was making the cover story, but it was cool!

I beat Starlink, and I’m going to start writing my review for it very soon. I’m editing on the Yonder review, it’s very soon wrapped up. Other videos I’m currently working on are a “All My 3DS Games” video and a video called “Gaming Accidents”. I also have yet another video with Eik coming up, called “Morrowind Mods” or something like that.

So everything is lined up work wise, there is only one problem, my energy level. It’s really low.


it seems my life is nothing without triple A batteries

Ok so I’m out of triple A batteries and my PC mouse died, so it seems like the world doesn’t want me to edit my next video… Kidding… The video I’m working on right now is, on the other hand, very long, about 30 minutes to be exact. It’s a “vlog” type of travel video that’s also sprinkled in with gaming related stuff, it’s unlike anything I’ve done before, so I hope you guys are gonna like it!
Man I’m so full of allergies right now. It’s from the cats over at my mom’s place. But they’re sort of my cats too, and I love them to pieces, so this allergy can go to hell lol.

In other news, and it’s sort of early to tell it, but still I can’t help myself: I’m maybe going to get to do an interview in a magazine! Nothing is set yet, but most likely! I mean, they said yes, but I’m gonna hold my horses until it actually happens. Omg though!!
Tomorrow I’m going to work on my Yonder review, and I’m going to start writing my Little Dragon’s Café review… And of course, buy triple A batteries because I can’t edit for shit without my trusty mouse. I just don’t understand people who use the touchpad on their laptops, I mean, what are you people? My best friend Anna is one like that… I mean, what.

A non gamer. Might explain it.

Pictures from my latest video, here:

mitt første innlegg

Jeg har hatt blogg før på men den var ikke no bra, og det trenger ikke denne å være heller. Jeg kan introdusere meg selv, jeg heter Irene og er fra Harstad oppe i nord. Jeg er 28 år og driver med youtube kanal om spill og litt videoredigering på siden! Kanalen min på youtube har per skrivende stund 11K subscribers, og dette er en kanal hvor jeg snakker om kommende Switch spill, samt spillanmelder Switch spill både indie og 1st party. Venner og familie rundt meg sier at youtuben er det jeg lever for, og det er sant, den er min største passion project. Jeg kommer aldri å slutte med dette så lenge jeg lever.

Kanalen min finner du her: